Lee Flournoy has special expertise in handling cases with mental health issues, accusations of sexual offenses and sex offense registry board actions, felonies of all types, and charges of operating under the influence (OUI).  Ms. Flournoy served for 10 years as an Assistant District Attorney in Berkshire County, trying serious felonies and heading the appellate unit. She has done defense work for another 16 years. She has completed over 100 criminal jury trials, and has handled ground-breaking criminal appellate litigation.  

A speedy consultation with a lawyer is necessary after arrest, a call from the police for questioning, in the face of a suspicion that a crime may have been committed, or in the case that you may be suspected of one.  Even an innocent person needs the help of a criminal defense attorney to establish their innocence and to ensure that their rights are protected.  It is never a good idea to discuss conduct which may constitute a criminal offense with the police, with persons who may be witnesses, or may be accused along with you, or even with family members. You should speak only to counsel.