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Flournoy, P.C., located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is a law firm committed to providing affordable, effective and top quality legal services, including mediation services, throughout Western Massachusetts. Our firm is AV rated as "pre-eminent" by Martindale-Hubbell, the nation's leading peer review service for attorneys, and appears in Best's Directory of Recommended Insurance Attorneys.

Lee D. Flournoy has conducted hundreds of jury trials in the Superior and District Courts, including murders, dozens of serious felonies, medical malpractice cases involving wrongful death and serious injuries, and significant business and commercial cases.  She has handled complex divorces and probate matters, and brings her expertise in privacy and criminal law to bear in those cases.  She appears frequently in courts throughout Western Massachusetts. Lee is a trained Title IX investigator. 







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Lee Flournoy has special expertise in handling cases with mental health issues, accusations of sexual offenses and sex offense registry board actions, felonies of all types, and charges of operating under the influence (OUI).  Ms. Flournoy served for 10 years as an Assistant District Attorney in Berkshire County, trying serious felonies and heading the appellate unit. She has done defense work for another 16 years. She has completed over 100 criminal jury trials, and has handled ground-breaking criminal appellate litigation.  

A speedy consultation with a lawyer is necessary after arrest, a call from the police for questioning, in the face of a suspicion that a crime may have been committed, or in the case that you may be suspected of one.  Even an innocent person needs the help of a criminal defense attorney to establish their innocence and to ensure that their rights are protected.  It is never a good idea to discuss conduct which may constitute a criminal offense with the police, with persons who may be witnesses, or may be accused along with you, or even with family members. You should speak only to counsel.


We understand the financial and emotional complexity and sensitivity of family law proceedings for separating adults and for their children,  both in traditional and non-traditional families.  Parties to a divorce or other family crisis are frequently called upon to make some of the most important financial and parenting decisions of their lives, while under significant stress.  We work hard to respect and to address our clients’ emotional situations, while providing a commonsense framework for a plan to move forward.  We want to help resolve the issues as economically and efficiently as possible, so that client and children can move on, comfortable that the appropriate details are in place. 

We offer four approaches to the divorce process. Three of them involve attempts to resolve the issues and present the court with an agreement which can become part of a decree. The fourth is litigation, where the parties, unable to resolve their dispute, present some or all of the issues to a judge for resolution.

Personal Injury

Our firm has handled countless cases of injury, arising from employment, accident, or sexual misconduct, whether the damage be psychological or physical. We determine whether and where liability exists, to locate the parties responsible, and to devise strategies to convey the impact of the injury on the individual and family.  We work with the clients’ medical providers and experts as appropriate to assemble evidence of the extent of the damage, and future medical or rehabilitation costs. We accept cases where we believe the chances of recovery are good, and help our clients to take a realistic approach to resolving them.  We are experienced at trial, and at mediation and negotiation.  Ms. Flournoy has tried over 150 civil and criminal jury cases. 

Insurance Defense

Our firm is experienced and successful in the insurance defense of medical malpractice, general liability and automobile torts. We collaborate with adjusters in the design and defense of the litigation, with attention to reporting requirements and the insurance company’s litigation policies and budget.  Our paralegals are trained to manage files effectively, so that our attorneys can focus on legal and strategic analysis. Each insured present different issues, insecurities and needs which must be addressed to maximize the chances for success. 

We have successfully defended cases with multi-million dollar demands in the fields of product liability, including wrongful death, medical malpractice, including psychiatric, surgical, emergency room and pediatric.